Fly Over

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Fly Over

Bas-relief in salvaged wood #16, 350 x 210 x 20cm.
Built for Hogeschool Rotterdam (Rotterdam University), Netherlands.

Fly Over was the first bas-relief that was made on commission. It was constructed especially for the auditorium of the new Economic Faculty (H.E.S.) in Rotterdam, part of Rotterdam University. The auditorium is a large space with dark grey walls and bright red linoleum floors. The colour of the floors is incorporated in the work as a red haze. The relief itself was based on photo’s of Kleinpolderplein, a large and complex stacked interchange built in Rotterdam from 1958 onwards.

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View of Mobility at gallery Delta. Hans Sonnenberg is seen seated at his desk.
Fly Over was temporarily installed at the gallery for the occasion of this show..

These works were part of the Mobility exhibition at gallery Delta in 2003: