Before the bas-reliefs: 1988 to 2000


1993. with Expo HenK Artists Collective.
Salvaged wood and window panes, old steel shelving units, etc. Height: 7m.
Caldic Art Collection / Museum Voorlinde, Wassenaar, Netherlands.

A large sculpture made for Kunstrai 1994. The ExpoHenK group at the time of construction consisted of Don van Basten, Peter Breevoort, Freek Drent, Hans Eijkenboom, Ron van der Ende, Roel Meelkop, Arjo Roosendaal and
Joop Witteveen. During the Kunstrai art fair, the sculpture was accessible to the public. It provided a platform overlooking the exposition thereby divulging the art fair’s resemblance to a cube farm.

Huis was purchased by Joop van Caldenborgh / Caldic Collectie. The work was adapted for outdoor placement in the woods at Van Caldenborgh’s estate near Wassenaar, Netherlands. The sculpture exhibition on the estate includes many important works and is open to the public by appointment. The photo was taken in 2006, 12 years after construction, when we were about to do some renovation work. In 2023 the construction is still standing and open for the public to enter.

The mitered fish ExpoHenk logo designed by Freek Drent.
The design was used on publications and applied on t-shirts.