This website was built as an open portfolio, showcasing work and sharing source materials, background information and studio impressions.
Its first incarnation emerged in early 2016 as a responsive artist portfolio with thumbnail-grid navigation. It was rebuilt from the ground up in 2019 to solve issues with plugins and SEO. The menu now lives either on the side or on the bottom of the page depending on your screen size.

Site Map

Page 1:  1988/2000 – Early work
Page 2: 2000/2001 – The first bas-reliefs: 12 cars, Rotterdam
Page 3: 2002/2005 – Individual projects, Rotterdam
Page 4: 2004/2006 – CHECKOUT DESKS and Hi-Fi equipment
Page 5: 2005/2009 – Local themes and Dioramas
Page 6: 2005/2008 – Space Junk and Polar Exploration
Page 7: 2007/2010 – MOTOR MEMORY and A SHALLOW WADE, Seattle
Page 8: 2010/2013 – New York, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles
Page 9: 2010/2013 – The MIRROR LAKE project and miscellaneous works
Page 10: 2010/2012 – EDGE OF SPACE, Amsterdam 
Page 11: 2013/2016 – THE FACTORY SET, Kunsthal & BARE BONES
Page 12: 2014/2018 – KIT and other projects and assignments
Page 13: 2017/2020 – MARKERS Amsterdam
Page 14: 2020/2022 – Recent work and upcoming projects


This website was designed and built by Ron van der Ende.
Thanks to Jan van Mechelen at ZEE and Pepijn van Sandijk for advice on design and technology.


The website was made with WordPress with the standard Twenty Sixteen theme tweaked with CSS. It only uses pages, not the blog feature, and a number of plugins: Collapse-O-Matic, Gallery Custom Links for the thumbnail links, Smart Slider, and Justified Gallery to style the thumbnail gallery. The fonts are Roboto and Crimson Text.

Photo Credits

Thanks to all the photographers. Many of the early photos are by Mark Weemen and Hans Wilschut. The first series of reliefs was photographed by Bob Goedewaagen in 2000. He also photographed KIT in 2018. Theo van Pinxteren photographed the pieces in the Museum Rotterdam collection. Twan de Veer took a series of work-in-progress photos in 2013 and Aad Hoogendoorn did the same in 2015. All uncredited work photos are by Ron van der Ende.
Bob Goedewaagen: / Aad Hoogendoorn: / Twan de Veer: / Mark Weemen: / Hans Wilschut: