Limo 1

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Limo 1

Bas-relief in salvaged wood #59, 184 x 115 x 12cm.
Private collection Bassano Del Grappa, Italy.

Limo 1 is based on the Cadillac Fleetwood, state car to Ronald Reagan in the early eighties.

Ronald Reagan pointing a gun in defense of a boy.
Clipping of a movie poster pasted to the back of the Limo 1 relief.

The interior of Ronald Reagans presidential limousine.

Limo 1

The 1984 Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy Five was the Presidential Limousine used by President Ronald Reagan.

“After decades of Lincolns, Cadillac was finally given the chance to produce a limousine for the secret service in the early 1980s during the Reagan administration. Appearing in 1984 was a pair of 1983 Fleetwoods built by Hess & Eisenhardt. Since the coachbuilder started with production Fleetwood limousines, the cars were stretched only 17 inches and their roofs raised three inches. Power for both came from Cadillacs own massive 500 cubic-inch V8. Though awkward in appearance, the Fleetwoods provided excellent visibility for the president. Large greenhouses were made possible by the development of 2 3/8ths inch think bulletproof glass and powerful air conditioning systems that kept the cabin cool.” (source)

Part of the Shallow Wade exhibition in 2010 at OkOk gallery, in Seattle, WA, USA.