Before the bas-reliefs: 1988 to 2000

Auto (Constructie 1 / Hispano Suiza)

Canadian Ceder and Limewood structure on a steel frame, 4.8 m x 1.7 m x 1 m.
Formerly in the collection of Hans Sonnenberg, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Collection of Ron Mandos, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Photo: Hans Wilschut, 1988. Taken during the ‘It’s Boring But It’s True’ Exhibition at Dionysus Gallery in Rotterdam.

Portrait with Auto in the ExpoHenK exhibition space in Delfshaven Rotterdam.
photo by Mark Weemen, 1988.

Hispano Suiza

The Hispano-Suiza h6c Targa Florio speedster with tulipwood bodywork
was designed by Marc Birkigt for André Dubonnet, an accomplished aviator and racing driver, in 1924. A wooden frame and veneers fastened with brass rivets resulted in a lightweight body suitable for racing and touring.

Auto was the first project after art school and the first occurence of the Car theme. This object marked the start of a fruitful, decades-long cooperation with Hans Sonnenberg of Delta Gallery, Rotterdam. 

First solo show of Ron van der Ende at galerie Delta, Oude Binnenweg 111.

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Body and wheel-wells of Auto/Hispano Suiza under construction.