Town Bus

Wall mounted 3d polychrome sculptures made from found wood.

Stadsbus (Town Bus) [2007]

Bas-relief in salvaged wood, 183 x 112 x 14cm
(Museum Rotterdam, Netherlands)

All the work related to Rotterdam:

Axonometric Array

Wall mounted 3d polychrome sculptures made from found wood.

Axonometric Array [2008]

Bas-relief in salvaged wood, size variable ca. 7m50 x 3m50 x 25cm
Built on assignment for WORM alternative music and film venue in Rotterdam (on permanent display)

This computer collage is the original design for Axonometric Array. It incorporated a cassette tape recorder but that was later omitted. Cassette tapes were chosen as a subject because of their d.i.y. aspect which perfectly fits the WORM venue:

An important source for the look of the tapes was 

Part of a set of HiFi themed objects. The first set of 4 was a solo show at Delta gallery Rotterdam.

Fly Over

Wall mounted 3d polychrome sculptures made from found wood.

Fly Over [2002]

Bas-relief in salvaged wood 350 x 210 x 20cm
Built for Hogeschool Rotterdam (Rotterdam University)

The Fly Over was the first bas-relief that I made on commission. It was constructed for the auditorium of the new Economic Faculty in Rotterdam, part of Rotterdam University; A vast space with dark grey walls and bright red linoleum floors. The colour of the latter is echoed in the work as an incorporated red haze. The relief itself was based on photo’s of the large Kleinpolderplein stacked interchange in Rotterdam.

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The Mobility show at gallery Delta with Hans sitting at his desk.

Fly Over was temporarily installed at the gallery for this occasion..

These works were part of the Mobility exhibition at gallery Delta in 2003:


Wall mounted 3d polychrome sculptures made from found wood.

Parkflat [2002]

Bas-relief in salvaged wood, 135 x 165 x 14
(Collection Museum Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Photo: Theo van Pinxteren, Museum Rotterdam

The Parkflat under construction, 12 August 1957.

Photo by Herbert Behrens © Nationaal Archief

Parkflat, Rotterdam

The Parkflat apartment block is situated on the corner of Westzeedijk and Kievitslaan in Rotterdam, overlooking the park. Designed by E.F. Groosman, it was built between 1948 and 1958 as the first large residential building of Rotterdam’s postwar reconstruction period. The Parkflat contains 50 relatively luxurious apartments, even though the tower block was constructed in a modified version of the MUWI concrete panel system.
This building system was widely used for mass housing construction all around the Netherlands until it fell out of favour in the early 1970s.

Chevrolet Caprice 1967

Wall mounted 3d polychrome sculptures made from found wood.

Chevrolet Chevelle 1965 [2000]

Bas-relief in salvaged wood, 245 x 75 x 16cm
(collection Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar, Netherlands)

Photo: Bob Goedewaagen

The first series of twelve bas reliefs were all cars: