Before the bas-reliefs: 1988 to 2000

Wand (Wall/Installatie II)

Mixed media (wood, steel, neon etc.), 6 parts, total dimensions 10 x 2,1 x 1,5m.
Temporary project.

Wall / Installation 2 : a 10 m long by 2.1 m tall row of six evenly spaced objects: a letter E, a section of a wooden lifeboat, a billboard with neon lettering, an ‘abstract piece of art’, a window (glassless but with a working ventilation fan), and a cupboard with wire-suspended shelves. They were all made from scavenged materials except the window, which was ordered from Hofman Maasdijk carpentry factory (where father Van der Ende works). The aim in this project was to probe the idea of ‘typologies’ within sculpture.
The installation was based on an extensive series of sketches which addressed the question: what could be 1m20 wide and 2m10 high and stand up by itself? From the hundreds of resulting options, six were selected on the criteria of visual quality, presence, diversity, appeal and challenge. The selected objects were placed close together in a row to form a wall-like obstruction which effectively cut the room in half.
The WdKA Maaskant Prize jury report states that this project was a decisive factor in awarding Ron van der Ende the prize in 1990.

Graduation exhibition at the art academy in 1998.

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