Before the bas-reliefs: 1988 to 2000

Watertoren (Water Tower)

1993-1997. Part of Industrieel Landschap project with Freek Drent.
Wood, steel and brooms. 150 x 40 x 40cm.
Collection of the artist.

After working together on collages for the Expo HenK paper invitations, in 1993 Freek Drent and Ron van der Ende decided to start a large collaborative project. An idea to design chess pieces grew into a collection of ultimately 16 sculptures. The project called Industrial Landscape ran from 1993 to 1997. It focussed on industrial and utilitarian architecture. The artists visited many industrial sites, most notably in Romania during a three week trip.
The project was exhibited in its entirety on two occasions, once at CBK in Rotterdam, and once at Gothaer Kunstforum in Köln, Germany.
Industrial Landscape was also the title of a publication dedicated to the project.

Industrieel Landschap at Gothaer Kunstforum in Köln, Germany.